Robotics Club


The Robotics Club is an after school program that is held in room 404 under the supervision of Mr. Salvatore Catalano. There are two student supervisors along with him, Cosmo Borsky and Serhiy Dmytruk. The club takes place after period-8 and finishes at least an hour after period-10, allowing freshmen to attend. However, this does not mean that the students who participate in the clubs activities are forced to remain in the class throughout this time. They can leave the club should they chose to, and any student may join if he or she has the interest and the will to learn the fascinating world of robotics hardware and software.

The students who do chose to participate in this club have the honor of using a VEX kits to learn and establish a working knowledge of the mechanisms and programming required for the systematic functionality of robots. A VEX kit is a robotics design system with the aim to introduce students to the fundamentals of basic robotics. The club has a few protobot kits, which include electric motors,wheels, sensors, servos, and additional structural parts, so the students are able to follow basic guidelines for creating simple models as well as more complex robots based on trial and error testing of various combinations of parts in accordance to necessity. There are also two LEGO NXT Mindstorm V2 kits, which are essentially the first step in learning the roots of robotics. The NXT Mindstorm v2 kit is colorful, fun to handle and extremely employable in the lessons that would be normally dull and lifeless without it.

Lately, the student supervisors have attempted to teach the applications of robotics on another element; air. The universal fascination with flight will hopefully attract more and more students into the club. The students have been working on models to figure out the exact amount of parts that will be needed for this en devour, and also to figure out the most optimal model in regards for saving battery life, maneuverability, and durability. As the club gains more funds, and with Mr. Catalano’s personal involvement, there are more and more people showing interest in the field of robotics and its applicability to most major fields that are exponentially growing in this technological boom.