The Ambassador Program


Ivan Gubarev, Reporter

Among many clubs and programs that are currently running at FDR High School, the Ambassador Program is influential in reaching out to future high school students. FDR Ambassadors attend junior high school fairs, during which they get to share their experiences being members of the FDR Family. Mr. Gottlieb, the adviser of the Ambassador Program, was pleased to tell us more about this wonderful program.

          1. What is the Ambassador Program?

It is a program that consists of FDR students who were carefully selected and interviewed in order to serve an important role of spreading the word about the hidden treasure named FDR High School. Ambassadors are able to provide a first-hand experience of being an FDR student to the future high school students and their parents.

          2. What do the Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors play a huge role participating in activities, such as the Freshman Orientation. During the Freshman Orientation, Ambassadors become tour guides who lead the freshman around the building. Ambassadors are influential in making the transition to FDR High School as smooth as possible by helping the freshmen with things like setting up a Pupil Path account, getting a metro card, and an ID card.

          3. How do Ambassadors contribute to FDR?

Ambassadors contribute a whole lot when it comes to informing junior high school students about FDR High School. Ambassadors help by picking the best and brightest junior high school students, and informing them about all the possible opportunities that are available at FDR High School. Many junior high school students are unfamiliar with the fact that FDR is capable of providing an excellent education, as well as a fun high school experience. The Ambassador Program is influential when it comes to spreading the word about FDR High School.

          4. How can one become an Ambassador?

 In order to become an ambassador, one must fill out an application in March. After the application is completed, a two step interview is conducted, which determines the leadership skills as well as other personal traits of the applicant, determining his or her eligibility. The first step is the group interview, during which applicants are broken up into groups and observed as they perform tasks that highlight their character traits. Then, an individual interview is conducted where the applicant is interviewed and asked a wide range of questions. This process allows the adviser to pick the best and most reliable students to serve the important role of an Ambassador.

          5. What are some activities that Ambassadors participate in?

Ambassadors participate in a wide range of activities. Ambassadors attend The Freshman Orientation, during which they serve as tour guides in FDR High School. Also, Ambassadors often attend junior high school fairs, where they get to talk about their experience of being an FDR Student. Finally, the Ambassador Program offers an activity called “Touring Tuesday,” during which FDR is open to anyone who is interested in coming and experiencing an ordinary day at FDR High School.  They take place every Tuesday in October and November.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, focus or your school work right now and listen for announcements this spring regarding interviews.  The New Dealer would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Gottlieb and all the Ambassadors for all they do at FDR!