Jiada Zhao, Reporter

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three R’s. These are important steps and actions to take towards the improvement of the environment, in particular recycling.
Recycling is an important eco-friendly action. We can convert the waste materials back into something useful for people to use or even something recreational. As a matter of fact, some parks are created from recycled materials. All people need to do is sort out their trash and voila! They just recycled. But the unfortunate thing is that people aren’t that keen on recycling. Over 75% of people’s waste is recyclable but only about 30% of it ever gets recycled. This figure needs to change. If people were to recycle at least a tenth of their newspapers, about 25 million trees could be saved each year, which is enough oxygen for about 100 million people! If people were to recycle aluminum cans, people could light their bedrooms for two whole weeks on only 100 of them. The point is, recycling has many benefits and absolutely no detriments. It’s a simple and quick process.
You, as a FDR High School student (or staff member, if you’re reading this), can help the school by recycling as well. The Environmentalist Club has worked hard to make posters that encourage you to recycle. They’re on the walls where the trash cans and recycle bins are located inside the school hallways. Throw out non-recyclable trash into the trash can and bottles and papers into the blue recycle bins. It’s quick and simple with barely any work involved; you won’t lose anything by throwing things into the right bin.
The Environmentalist Club is working on improving the awareness of environmental issues. If you’re interested in making our environment a better place, come to room 456 on Thursdays during period 9. Mr. Bernardi, the advisor of the club, and its numerous members will be there to greet you.