Air Pollution… To The Death!


Air pollution is a major problem, and we are in the midst of serious climate change. Each year, more than two million people die due to air pollution worldwide, and that figure’s only going to increase unless we do something to reduce or keep that figure from increasing.

One way people can prevent the number of deaths caused by air pollution is to start exercising and stop driving everywhere. Air pollution increases the chance of cancer occurring, especially for those living in urban cities. Some people believe that it’s better to not exercise out in that dirty city air!  That is just silly. Exercising out in urban settings is better than being a couch potato.  Studies prove this,  so get out there and start exercising!

There are other ways to reduce the amount of energy you use. Power plants burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas to produce energy which results in carbon dioxide emissions.  The more energy people are keen on using, the more power plants will emit carbon dioxide and thus increasing the mortality rate. So buy that second battery for your phone or buy a portable charger!

And here’s another way: allow proper ventilation inside your home. Instead of having all the windows in your home closed, and thus allowing dust particles and cigarette smoke to accumulate inside, open the windows and ventilate!

Finally, the most basic of all things you can do, sort your trash and recycle.

The Environmentalist Club is working on improving the awareness of environmental issues. If you’re interested in making our environment a better place, come to room 456 on Thursdays during period 9. Mr. Bernardi, the advisor of the club, and its numerous members will be there to greet you.