Anime- One Piece


Yelsy Estrada, Reporter

“Kaizoku-o ni ore wa nara” is the Japanese translation of “I’ll become the pirate king.” Why am I telling you such weird things you ask? This has been said by a boy named Monkey D Luffy, in the Anime One Piece, after every battle he has won- basically every episode. Monkey D Luffy (Duh) is dreaming of becoming the King of Pirates in order to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Gold D Roger. Gold D Roger has traveled and explored the ocean hiding his “one piece” somewhere past the grand line.

Luffy is a boy that has taken the properties of rubber after eating a devil fruit called Gomu Gomu no mi, which is basically the gum-gum fruit. He’s lived on an island with his adoptive brothers Sabo and Ace. When growing up they all wanted to be in the same pirate crew, but later on, Sabo ended up dying from being blown up. Years have passed and Ace and Luffy have been separated in order to pursue their dreams of being pirates. Luffy, along the way, has ended up meeting many new friends that will eventually become part of his pirate crew. His first friend and right hand man is Zoro. Zoro is a swordsman who wishes to become the best swordsman of all. The second crew member is Usopp. He has sniper skills and is good at inventing things. He wishes to become strong to defend all those around him. The Third member is Sanji. He’s a great cook and cooks whenever the captain, Luffy, is hungry. He wishes to find the Great Blue where there are lots of different fish for him to cook. The Fourth member is Nami. She becomes the navigator for the crew. She wishes to become a better navigator and topographer to better navigate the crew. The fifth member is Chopper. He’s a reindeer that ate the human devil fruit that gave him human characteristics and the ability to talk. He’s learned how to become a doctor from a witch doctor in his village. He’s become the crew’s doctor. He wants to be accepted by people. The Sixth member is Robin. She is good at history and solving puzzles when needed. She is considered the devils child, because she knows the secret of the world government. She also wishes to be accepted. The Seventh member is Franky. He’s a cyborg that knows how to build and fix ships. He wishes to create a boat that is able to circumnavigate the world just like his mentor wished and had done. He’s become the crew’s shipwright. The 8th and last member is Brook. He was saved by Luffy after having to live in the shadows for 50 years. He’s great at singing and dancing and has become the crew’s musician. All together there are 9 crew members including Luffy in the Straw Hat Pirates crew.

After Luffy went past the Grand Line he was able to meet his brother Ace. But the happiness was not long lived, because Ace died protecting Luffy. Since that incident, Luffy has vowed to get stronger and protect his crew until he finally finds the”One Piece” Gold D Rodger left behind.