The FDR Theatre Company


Sahima Amin and Tahmina Mumu

The theatre program  has been at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School for a long time, and each year it gets better and better. Both Mr. Meyers and Ms. Reagan lead the FDR Theatre Company. Ms. Reagan is a theatre teacher here at FDR, and Mr. Meyers has been in all the FDR shows since, he himself, was a freshman at FDR high school. Theatre has always been a passion for Mr. Meyers, and he very much enjoyed performing with his classmates and friends.

Over the past couple of years the Theatre Company has changed greatly.  There are now more opportunities for students, behind the scenes, and on stage. There is also the Round About Broadway Company that comes and helps out with everything that goes on with their shows.  The Round About Broadway Company allows our students the opportunity to work hands on with theatre professionals.  The students in the FDR Theatre Company work very well together.  They are able to communicate and pick up the slack for each other. Mr. Meyers believes more students at FDR should participate in the Theatre Company and get more involved.

The most asked question would be what is the new Black Box found on the first floor? Well, the Black Box is a small theatre space used for one on one interactions by the Theatre Company.  It is also used by Ms. Reagan for her theatre classes. Students can get more information and get more involved in the theatre company by speaking to either Mr. Meyers, Ms. Reagan, or Mr. Goldschmidt. Students should keep an ear out for announcements on the upcoming musical that is taking place in the spring and the talent show that is coming this fall. The Theatre Company has made a lot of progress over the years.  With the help of FDR’s dedicated teachers, and the talented performers here at FDR, the sky is the limit!