Poetry- Tidbit


Stephanie Lahens, Poet

The inspiration for this poem came about through Flaubert Gustave’s Madame Bovary. Currently my English class is utilizing that novel to enhance our analytical skills. The characters are well written that I can’t help, but be invested; leading to my utter contempt for the characters. Of course there is multiple facets of this book to love. Ex:  Flaubert’s usage of verisimilitude was new and breath taking. However, the  events and choices that were made, which led to those events, I despise. Hope you read Madame Bovary for there are many important lessons it teaches, but overall, I hope you enjoyed this month’s poetm.


Not usually a person that can be described as loquacious.

Then a couple was introduced: Charles and Emma Bovary.

He’s passive; she’s aggressive.

She’s built with the inner ennui;

He’s created to be the “embodiment of mediocrity.”

Talks of their school experience, their mothers, and a tidbit of aspirations took place.

Too short of a courtship, with that basic knowledge, disaster struck.

He’s concrete while she’s a wildflower.

Another flashing neon sign that went ignored.

The cracks began to appear as her roots began to grow through the concrete.

Madame Bovary’s blaring alarm should bring about reflectivity.

This speech embodies spontaneity, so before it becomes more capricious

Let me leave you with this proverbial thought; God is not man, man is not God.


An observer.