Stephanie Lahens, Reporter


Is it just me or does it appear this cold is here to stay?

I mean, we’re in May, aren’t we supposed to be relaxing before the Heat-strokes arrive?

So why are the voices nasal and throats in the midst of the Sahara?

So many questions and too little amount of answers.

Ahh! Talk about aggravation!

Having to deal with these temper tantrums…

Is like sitting next to rioting drums.

Yes! I have a headache which I want to kick in the behind,

But it has no behind to find.




Do we care?

Of Course we care.

Doesn’t look like it.

The way we treat her-

What’s wrong with our treatment?

It’s barbaric.

That’s harsh.

You believe my words are harsh?!

Well, that’s funny.

How can you compare us to savages?

Do you understand the meaning of the word savage?

Why bother asking; if you did you would see..

See what?

They are not the only one who are savages.

One race is what we are: Homo-sapiens!

You’re so ready to judge them yet, you live in a glass house.

We are responsible for what is happening…

Not them, she or he, but we!

Though the general consensus is to deny it-

What are you talking about?

Are you okay?

Man you look tired.

I am tired, tired of the way we are behaving

We keep blaming it on others when it’s us.

Each and every one of us who are ruining our home.