Hurricane Warning!

Albenita Kukaj, Reporter

Hurricanes are natural disasters, well, they were, once. This past century, oceans have warmed an average of 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit. That may not sound like such a large number to you, but in this case, it is. With warmer oceans comes melting glaciers on both the north and south pole, causing water levels to rise. Along with these factors, it makes it a perfect place for storms such as hurricanes to form. Such two examples are hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

With hurricane Harvey setting a record of fifty one inches of rainfall over Texas and Louisiana, and hurricane Irma becoming a category five hurricane for three days; many people were left without a home or even the most basic needs such as food and clean water. Although many organizations have set up donations to help in the destruction, both hurricanes have reigned. There’s not enough truly being done for these people. This is usually where people would look to the government to help them overcome this devastation, as well as have, by now, taken notice to the sudden rise of unnatural storms taking place. However, we see the governments reaction through Donald Trump’s comment on this matter where he stated that, “We’ve had bigger storms than this,” and that climate change is only a hoax. With a surprising amount of supporters backing him up, it is no wonder why the administration officials have refused to address this matter.

As Global Warming is continuing to be ignored, scientists argue whether global warming is the reason for the creation of hurricanes, or if it is making them stronger than ever. If the government won’t take the first step in slowly stopping global warming, from increasing at the fast speed it’s going now, then the people should take action. Not only can you protest to the government, but you can help the world through small causes. Use less energy, such as turning the lights off when you are not using it, using less  water, or, the most known, reduce reuse and recycle. This may seem ineffective in your eyes; yet, if everyone starts taking the issue of global warming seriously, it might not be too late to end global warming, before it ends us.