The D.C Sniper Story


Chae-ann Lawrence , Reporter

In Washington D.C, in 2002, a man named John Allen Muhammad drove fear into the people of Washington D.C for three weeks. He went on a shooting spree along with his accomplice, who he had manipulated and trained to be a cold and brutal killer. The teenager, Lee Boyd Malvo and Muhammad were dubbed the “D.C Snipers,” as a result of the way that they killed people with sniper rifles. On October 24th, 2002 the FBI was able to catch these brutal killers. The men killed people throughout the month of October starting from oct 2, 3, 4,7,9,11,14,19,22, to the 24th.

Muhammad was somewhat of a father figure to Malvo. Malvo was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1985 with his single mother. Malvo was always moving from home to home, and his mother left him in the care of others. Around 1998 Malvo and his mother moved to Antigua, which helped to turn his life, as well as others, into a downward spiral. It was in Antigua that he came into contact with Muhammad . Malvo and Muhammad became close when they met in a homeless shelter. Malvo was put on a crucial exercise and diet regimen. Since Muhammad had been a member of the military, he taught Malvo to shoot.

In February of 2002, the aunt of a former friend of Muhammad’s ex wife was killed, however, the evidence found was circumstantial lacked ballistic evidence. The men carried out their attacks in a car which they modified. There was a hole cut in the trunk near the license plate so that the shots could be fired from inside the car. A Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle that was used in all the attacks. In addition, they used a rifle scope, tripod , digital voice recorder (used to make extortion demands), a stolen laptop which contained maps of the shooting sites and getaway routes from the crime scenes, as well as many other items.

Currently, Muhammad is dead after being executed in November of 2009. Malvo, however, was convicted and is awaiting a re-sentencing after a federal judge overturned his two life sentences. Malvo’s behavior became remorseful and aware of the fact that what he had done was wicked, selfish and the damaging to the safety of others.