Texas Tragedy


Elizabeth Pillcorema & Melanie Justiniano , Reporters

On Sunday, November 5th Devin Kelley killed over two dozen people, the youngest being five years old and the oldest 77. It has been noted that Kelley had a history of behavioral issues, and has been arrested before. Previously being in the Air Force, they failed to report his behavior, which prevented him from being barred from purchasing firearms. However, the Air Force is not to blame, at least not entirely. How many massacres must occur until the government agrees that we need stricter gun laws? How many massacres must occur until the government decides to ban semi-automatic weapons, that are only really necessary if you’re fighting a war. Kelley was not. Kelley clearly planned the attack since he was dressed in his gear, and even had a skull mask on. How was he even able to escape a behavioral institution? Kelley had a history of violence, he abused his wife, and a toddler! Kelley clearly had some issues… why was he able to get such firearms? The truth is, he shouldn’t have been able to, due to his violent history. Many point the finger at the Air Force, who, as stated, did not report Kelley’s dangerous behavior.

After researching, Texas’ gun laws, we have discovered that Texas’ laws are extremely lenient. You are allowed to purchase guns from different states, and only need a permit to carry a gun. You must pass a background check. How did Kelley pass a background check? It’s been shown that Texas does not really require a permit to purchase guns, just to carry them. Which means they are really accessible if you’re over the age of 18. So is only the Air Force really to blame? Kelley has not been the first to have done such a crime. There have been many massacres previous to his, so why has the government not learned? Let’s not forget Sandy Hook where twenty children and six adults died. Kelley wasn’t the first, nor will he be the last to commit such a heinous crime, not until proper gun laws and regulations are set. Some may justify his behavior by claiming that he was clearly insane. Why is someone who is clearly insane able to purchase guns? He shouldn’t even be walking outside by himself if he was “insane”!

The government’s incompetence to make stricter gun laws has led to the deaths of many. If not up to them, it is up to the people to enhance security, and find any way to prevent such events from happening again. States themselves should ban certain guns, and make it even harder to purchase guns. They would also need to track the transportation of illegal weapons. All places are at risk, they should practice drills, and safety procedures. Now more than ever, we need to prepare for any sort of event. It is clear the “government” will not be helping us any time soon.