Women In Congress!


Emroyana Caesar , Reporter

October 12th, 1492 was a day forever engraved in the minds of many. The discovery of the “New World,” which is now known as America, is a highly important moment in history. What seemed as a possible aligning of two societies, and the expansion of something great, was not done. The genocide attempted on Native Americans is despicable. Fast forwarding to present day, Native Americans are still poorly treated on reservations, causing some to wonder is this America?¬†Historically, woman have been treated poorly by a male dominated society.¬† For example, historically women were only supposed to be in the house cooking and cleaning. They were supposed to be seen and not heard. Even simple things, such as the right to vote was withheld from women nationally until the 19th Amendment. Women gained suffrage officially on August 18th, 1920. For a women to be in a field that they previously wouldn’t have the opportunity is progress. Good job America! About time!

As of 2018, there is a Native American in Congress, and she is a women.¬† Her name is Sharice Davids of Kansas, and she represents the Democratic party.¬† Having a Native American woman in Congress is a big deal, due to the history of mistreatment. In addition, Congress now has a Muslim woman, Rashid Tliab, a former Michigan state representative. All our Presidents were Protestants, except John F. Kennedy. He was a Catholic. Many different cultures and religions, have come to America for a better life. Many view America as a safe haven. Having a Muslim Congress women upholds this ideal of what America stands for. These women will now be scrutinized greatly, not only for every single thing they do, but also their religions and cultures. Although there are some negatives to them being in Congress, the main one being the judgement they will receive, there are also positives. The positive being, this is a win, not only for those two women, but for all ladies regardless of race or religion. Hopefully in the near future women continue to run for these positions, because you miss all the shots you don’t take.