Did You Know?

Naomi Shimunov, Reporter

1. Due to high import taxes, a PS4 in Brazil costs roughly $1850.
2. Vladimir Putin has a ninth degree belt in Tae kwon do. Chuck Norris has an eighth degree.
3. The “cheerleader effect,” the theory that girls look more attractive in groups, is scientifically proven.
4. The Chief Translator for the European Parliament can speak 32 different languages fluently.
5. In Japan, you can buy hello kitty contacts lenses.
6. Switzerland has enough underground shelter to house the entire country’s population…And then some.
7. Cancer is primarily an environmental disease with 90-95% of cases attributed to environmental factors and 5-10% due to genetics.
8. When the current King of Thailand was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the hospital room in which he was born was declared Thai territory for the duration of the birth, so that he could be born on Thai soil.
9. A Muslim family that saved Jews during the Holocaust was saved by Jews during the genocide in Bosnia.
10. When a contestant leaves Hell’s Kitchen, he or she is immediately taken for a psychiatric evaluation and then goes to a house where he or she is pampered.
11. An 18 year old freshman funded his education by asking 2.8 million people for one penny. His name is Mike Hayes from Rochelle, Illinois. This happened in 1987, so if you want to pay for your college the same way as him, you have to ask more than 10 million people.
12. A man in China built his own dialysis machine to keep himself alive.
13. Evolution is causing polar bears and grizzly bears to mate, creating a grolar bear, which has carnivorous polar bear behaviors and a body that is adaptable to warmer climates.
14. London borough has invented a public bench that perfectly repels graffiti, skateboarders, liter, rough sleepers and even rain.
15. Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) has to do all of his own stunts, because there is no stunt double his size.
16. A guy designed a device that lets you take your fish for a walk.
17. Obsidian blades are so sharp (3nm thickness) that, on a cellular level, obsidian knives will cut between cells rather than tear the cells as steel knives would do.
18. More people in the world suffer from obesity than hunger.
19. There is a music piece called “As Slow as Possible” which started in 2001 and has a duration of 639 years. It can take years for a single note to be played.
20. There are depictions of Medieval Knights fighting snails in ancient manuscripts…And nobody knows why.