The Liberal Dillema


Waras Yaqub, Reporter

We are currently witnessing the cannibalistic nature of the left. Although I pride myself on being a socialist, there are many issues with today’s left. Instead of siding with each other, liberals tend to berate and destroy their own even if sabotage is obvious. The most dangerous wing of the left is definitely the SJWS (social justice warriors) who have constantly destroyed the left’s chances of a rebound. These SJWS without thinking, destroy innocent individuals that have clearly been smeared by their political opponents and don’t think twice about it. Recently, they’ve tried to silence individuals which has led to all liberals being stigmatized as crybabies that can’t handle a debate.

The intent of SJWS is noble, but the way they go about fulfilling their plans is terrible. Rather than debating, they would like their own safe spaces in which they can stay isolated from opinions that may hurt them, which is similar to what the extreme right did regarding issues in early America. The economic ideas of the left have also greatly shifted due to the interference of SJWS. The Democratic Party went from a party, which during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s time, championed economic justice, to a party which elected a corporatist, Hillary, with the appeal of Herbert Hoover to run against the most hated man in America. Americans want change, and corporatists supported by SJWS are not the answer, neither are celebrities.

The Justice Democrats seemed to be a very promising organization which would champion liberal values, but recently two of their founders were ousted. These two founders are Kyle Kulinski (the host of secular talk) and Cenk Uygur (the main host of The Young Turks) who were the most prominent leaders of the organization. This coup happened after some of Cenk’s insensitive comments popped up. These comments were from nearly 2 decades ago when he was in his early 30s. These comments were before he became a liberal and started TYT, meaning he changed over the years. Cenk never did anything without consent, or assaulted a woman, he simply made some comments when he was ignorant. This clearly was a smear by those who hate his stance, and the Justice Democrats responded in the worst way possible. They delivered an ultimatum, either he leaves or they quit. Cenk decided to leave, because he believed it was for the best of the organization, and Kyle left alongside him to show solidarity.

The Justice Democrats are headed down a path of corporatism without these 2 leaders, and it has definitely led me to withdraw whatever support I had. I likely will not vote for a Justice Democrats when I turn 18, and will likely go to a third party or independent candidates. Cenk was wrong, but he changed over the years, we should not kick him out of the movement he created just because of comments that are nearly 2 decades old. If we held Hillary to the same standard, we’d still be calling her a raging homophone since she was against gay marriage in the early 2000’s and a racist, because she used to be a Goldwater girl. Clearly, Cenk is being held to a higher standard because he stands against the establishment and aims to dethrone the most repugnant D,emocrats, the corporatists. He created the organization to not take corporate money, but with him and Kyle gone, the Justice Democrats might do a 180 and become neoliberals. The dam will eventually break, and economic liberals will strike back against the SJWs who’ve derailed the political revolution for far too long with repulsive candidates.

Liberals must move back towards the left to strive for both economic and social equality. This involves abandoning a now cannibalistic SJW movement which aims to destroy champions of liberalism based on slightly inappropriate comments from decades ago. Again, if we judge the almighty champion of social justice Hillary Clinton by the same standards as Cenk, she’d be no better than Ann Coulter. The time has come for liberals to reject neoliberalism and go back to grassroots activism. Cenk and Kyle should be placed at the forefront of the progressive revolution since they’ve been an inspiration to millions of young and old liberals that long for economic justice. The end of neoliberals is near, and with their fall, the “traditional” liberals will rise to champion both economic and social equality for all Americans.