The Power Of Machines

The Power Of Machines

Mohammad Rahman, Reporter

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. Our computers, phones, cars, even our refrigerators use AI to make our lives easier and to make machines smarter. AI is when computers have abilities that humans associate with other human minds, for instance the ability to learn or solve problems. However, almost all AI needs to be programmed by a person, the programming allows the AI to learn new things, solve problems, and complete tasks. Machine learning is a subset of AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed, in other words, the computers can teach themselves.

Evolution of Machine Learning

Machine learning of today is very different from machine learning in the past. It was born from simple pattern recognition and a theory that one day computers can teach themselves vast amounts of information without being programmed. Modern day machine learning uses algorithms (a set of rules used for problems solving and completing tasks) to study data and learn from it. Using the algorithms, computers are able to study data and adapt to better themselves or help people complete tasks. Statistics and data are the biggest part of modern day machine learning. Computers are given examples, or asked questions, such as- Who does this person like? Are these people friends? The computers then collect and study data to draw conclusions. Machine learning goes in a cycle: first the computers are given examples, then data is collected and studied, after that the algorithms are trained and tried out, feedback is collected to see how precise the conclusions were, and the feedback is then used to make the algorithms better. When given the same example again, the computer draws more precise conclusions.

Uses of Machine Learning

Currently multiple companies use machine learning to collect data and better themselves. A great example of this is Google and Facebook, both companies collect huge amounts of data to better their websites. Companies, such as Facebook and Google, use machine learning to collect data on people that visit and use their websites, the computers then uses the collected data to give the users advertisements based on their interests. As more and more data on the user is collected the computers give advertisements that the user is more likely to click on. Online marketing companies, such as Amazon and eBay, use data on previous purchases to recommend users on what to buy next. Machine learning is also used by banks and other financial services to analyze data and prevent fraud. Health Care services are also using machine learning to analyze data to determine a patient’s health in real time. Doctors are also using machine learning to analyze data and trends in a patient’s health history to better diagnose them and provide better treatments. Transportation companies also benefit from machine learning, they use it to see which delivery routes are most successful to increase profit.

Machine learning is used by multiple companies in all industries to better themselves. Although the idea of machines teaching themselves can sound a bit scary, it’s important to remember that behind the computers, humans are still in control. We don’t have to worry about the machines taking over. Machine learning is helping people be more efficient in doing tasks. It started out as a theory, however, it is an information giant today. It’s important to make machine learning better to help people, but it’s also very important people understand what it exactly is, how it works, and how it’s used. This way both the machines and people will be able to make the right conclusions.