Md Ratul, Reporter

What is the Alt-right? The alt-right, abbreviation for alternative right, is a white nationalist movement in the United States. The term was coined by Richard Spencer in 2008. Over the2010s, the alt-right movement has grown significantly. This movement mostly consists of anti-immigrant and anti-semitic rhetoric (not all Alt-right groups believe that though). This movement mainly consists of straight white males. They are usually broadly secular and mostly consist of atheists. They also believe that Islam is a threat to Americans. 

Alt-righter holds many controversial views about society. One view that stands out is abortion. Their belief in abortion is strange, as many conservatives do no support abortion. Alt-righters say it is predominantly used by minorities such as African-Americans. Therefore, they support it. Abortion is a way to limit the population growth of minorities. They are also anti-feminist. Alt-righters mainly consist of white men. They also believe that any sexuality, other than heterosexuality, is immoral.  

Alt-righters are very much anti-feminist. They believe in patriarchy; a social system where men hold all the political, social, and moral power in society. Alt-righters believes that women and men are biologically too different to be equal. Women are seen as lower than men. Even though there are female members in the alt-right movement, they are usually harassed. Alt-right outlets have banned women from writing articles before.

The alt-right movement grew in popularity after the election of Donald Trump. Alt-Righters admire Trump for his policies, beliefs , and Christendom. Alt-righters recognize Trump as a savior of America, since they believe Obama was a secret Muslim and un-American. Obama’s presidency propelled this viewpoint. Many alt-righters were not ready for a black president. Trump is the opposite of Obama politically. Trump has reversed policies made by Obama’s Administration. 

Steve Bannon is an alt-righter, and he wants everyone to think like him. For a while, Trump had Steve Bannon in his cabinet. Bannon’s ideas are not just in America. Bannon lately has been exporting his beliefs in other countries such as Sweden. Sweden has been a left-leaning country for many years now. But lately, Sweden has become more right-leaning as anti-immigrant sentiment grows. Many of these countries he visited,  he endorsed far-right politicians. Trump is admired by many far right-wingers around the world. Far right-wingers see Trump as a savior of the white race. 

Bannon writes for Breitbart news network, a news publication for far-right. Breitbart far-right news has attracted many alt-righters. Breitbart distorts the news and creates a twisted reality a lot of the time. Breitbart has become an outlet for many racist and neo-nazis. This outlet gives alt-righters a platform that used to convince people to their side by distorting the news. Giving a distorted reality of the world, Breitbart can pull people into their grip and keep them believing in Breitbart’s reality.

Breitbart’s growth also impacted the rise of hate groups in America. Hate groups like the Proud Boys are not shying away from violence against minorities, immigrants, and left-wingers. These hate-groups are classified as terrorist organizations. Proud Boys, a far-right neo-fascist group, promotes political violence and often get violent in their riots. Proud Boys only admit men and are involved in other countries than the US. Groups like the Proud Boys are dangerous.  

During a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, a car drove into a crowd counter-protesters and a counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed. The death of the counter-protester made some alt-righters proud while others were angered by it. The killing led to the arrest of the driver, and he was sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years. The death of Heather Heyer was tragic. Alt-right rallies can be dangerous. Often in these protests, alt-righters and counter-protesters get into clashes where someone is usually injured. Weapons are used by both sides. 

The Far-left movement has grown with the alt-right movement’s growth. As the political space becomes more radical, the future seems gloomy. The alt-right and far-left have gained momentum over the last few decades. The 2 sides do no shy away from violence. Far-left groups like Antifa have also gained popularity along with alt-right groups. The growing division is very visible in our polarized political landscape.  

The alt-right is a rising force in the political landscape that is America. The momentum gained by the alt-right is something to fear. Alt-righter’s incite violence and call for white patriarchy in America. The alt-right movement needs to end now. Their platform will only gain momentum over time. As anti-immigrant and anti-semitic sentiments grow, so will the alt-right movement. Their platform only grows stronger as they thrive on the internet. Their growth has also propelled the far-left platform to grow. As people become more radical, the country becomes more divided.