The Covid-19 Vaccine. Any progress?


Shahzaib Fareed, Contributor

America is slowly going back to normal, as more and more individuals are getting vaccinated. Restrictions are being lifted and guidelines are being changed. Vaccinations are available to anyone that is 12 or above, and the U.S. government is encouraging people to get it. According to ABC News, more than half of the U.S. population has received more than one dose. 12 states have reached the President’s goal of getting more than 70% of their population at least one dose by July 4th. About 40% of the U.S. is fully vaccinated. Along with increased vaccinations, there are less and less cases. As more and more people are being vaccinated, the United States is taking major steps towards normalcy. Soon, the United States will be able to fully go back to normal.

Why Vaccinate?

The coronavirus vaccines have been proven to effectively prevent the coronavirus. The coronavirus vaccines are carefully made and checked through clinical trials. It allows you not to get seriously sick and protects those around you. It will bring your country back to normal and end the pandemic. People that take the vaccine will be allowed to do more and not be restricted by guidelines.

New Guidelines

There are new guidelines for those who are vaccinated, according to the CDC. After vaccination, you have more freedom and the ability to live your life as you did before the pandemic. If you are vaccinated, you can resume outdoor activities without social distancing or masks, unless you are required to do so by local law. You can travel domestically, and internationally, and choose not to get tested before or after- unless the destination requires you to. If you are asymptomatic and have been exposed, you will not have to test or quarantine. Now, if you are fully vaccinated, you should get tested if you experience Covid-19 symptoms, follow the CDC and health department travel requirements, and recommendations. Vaccinations are stopping the pandemic and are allowing numerous countries to go back to normal. More and more U.S. citizens are getting vaccinated, which will allow the country to slowly go back to normal. To get vaccinated, visit to find a site near you, do a quick search online, contact your nearest pharmacy, or contact your state’s health department.