Will America Stop Gun Violence?


Roza Chowdhury, Reporter

Gun violence has been a continuous issue in the United States, and over the years, America has faced many deadly mass shootings. This is the case for the recent deadly shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan.

On November 30, 2021, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, brought a handgun to his school and carried out the attack from 12:51 to 12:55 pm. The shooter was arrested, and he is being tried as an adult for charges such as terrorism and murder. The shooter’s parents are also being charged with manslaughter for letting him have access to firearms, despite him not being eligible to own a gun. While the shooting didn’t last for a long time, it caused the death of 4 students and 7 others were injured. Many others were left traumatized after the incident.

Gun violence has become a common occurrence in the US. It’s a form of violence that threatens our right to life. It is a daily tragedy that claims many victims and leaves many with lifelong physical and mental struggles / trauma. It also leaves many family and friends grieving the loss of their loved ones. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelos,Nearly a decade after Newtown, an average of over 100 Americans are being killed by gun violence every day, shattering families and terrorizing communities across the country,”

In many parts of the U.S a person can legally own firearms once they turn 18, without much of a background check or mental health assessment, to see whether or not that person would be responsible enough to ensure their own and other’s safety. President Biden has taken executive action to stop the spread of so-called ghost guns and promote safe firearms storage.

While many gun control groups have expressed frustration, Congress is acting too slowly to implement new gun legislation. Officials stated they are attempting to find a solution to this issue, by addressing systemic and root causes. In order to combat gun violence, the Justice Department’s strike forces are focusing on gun trafficking corridors in several cities which have led to the recovery of 2,000 guns. However, this is not enough. 2022 is looking like another year of political talk, inaction, and more mass shootings.