Technology On The Rise: The AI Chatbot ChatGPT.


Kevin Lin, Contributor

The object connected to the sockets of your face pivots from the renowned search engine, Google, towards the promising glow of an advancing technology, easily accessed for personal and professional use. The AI Chatbots are here. The AI Chatbot has a history dating back to 1960. The AI bot, known as Eliza, was first developed by a MIT professor, yet their fame was not high until the recent success of public use Chatbots. As one of the rising technologies of the decade, AI Chatbots are deployed in all sorts of fields and developed to cover the needs of many fields. From creativity to the needs of the people, many thousands of Chatbots and AIs are available to help people achieve different goals. For example, the AI bot Replika is a companion who can chat with the user and ease the issues of lacking social interactions or friendship. Other bots are used for customer service, search engines, and other online interactions. These benefit companies while creating a greater efficiency on fulfilling the needs of customers, since these bots are always available. In comparison, agents or other means of communication take a much longer period of time to reply. The chatbot can be deployed for all sorts of personal matters, like chatting with the shy introvert, the lonely, the disabled, or even people who are afraid of judgments. Developers of the Chatbots are trying to have it mimic human activity, so they are engaging and appealing to the public. One of the prominent and successful AI Chatbot renowned today is ChatGPT, made by OpenAI. 

ChatGPT was initially launched on November 30th of last year, 2022, and reached a user database of over 100 million users by January of 2023. The launch of the AI broke records for reaching a million users within just one week, surpassing many well-known companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Spotify. Many companies like Linkedin and Microsoft invested large amounts in OpenAI when they saw the promising future and possibility of this technology. ChatGPT appeals to the public since it is known to have a very friendly UI, which is in the form of text messages- creating conversations with the bot simply by inputting messages and waiting for a reply. In addition, it is very useful to the public since it has the capability to write and respond to difficult questions and college level prompts while adjusting to suit the user’s needs.

The function of the bot, to answer questions of most sorts, is easily abused by students using ChatGPT to fulfill assignments that were supposed to be done by the individual. This issue is causing educators to become worried over the use of the bots. The bots could take away the meaning of education and may damage some students’ ability to complete challenging assignments. The bot assistance is considered fraud and plagiarism within academic circles. Some students may use ChatGPT for the purposes of sustaining the glory of procrastination, exercising the freedom to use any resource when encountering challenges. People are turning to these bots to ease hardships, experience the benefits of easy-to-use technology, or to become a part of the growing trend. Regardless of the use, it is solely based on the person’s morality to not misuse ChatGPT, when they have the option to use or not to use it. The AI, GPTZero, made to detect ChatGPT, is useful for educators. However, if the students really wished, they could always find a loophole around the AI, so GPTZero is more of a warning to threaten or decrease the will of students to use ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT has its benefits as well.  The AI can respond to opinionated, or even highly difficult questions, with their large data base. Even though it can sound highly analytical and illogical with inaccurate information, it can be used in businesses and different fields such as coding, when they need quick information that will assist in their daily work. ChatGPT can have conversations with the user and adjust its response, as the user changes its question or statement. The AI is more useful than Google, since it can interpret and manipulate the data in an easily understandable format. Google will simply display all the relevant articles, data, and documents which the average person would not want to use or search. The new AI provides practically instant service to people and that is extremely appealing to younger people. The current age of technology improves the ability of getting instant response and the average user base on Tiktok, reels, and short stories demonstrate our society’s love for quick information.

As this technology improves to incorporate less awkward sounding sentences and responses, new issues aside from assignment fraud, unintended use, inaccurate information, harmful advice, difficulty in monitoring content, and biased influential responses can arise. The numbers of users continue to grow, with 100 million users just from data in January of 2023, 2 months after its launch. The rapid growth of this technology is inevitable and alarming. These Chatbots have a lot of room for improvement and that ensures their value to society. The good and bad that can result from the future of this technology are mainly credited to the biases or ideology of the general population. Different generations, cultural values, the views or goals of the developers, and YOU can change the meaning of anything with one effort online. ChatGPT is one of the highly controversial technologies that is on the rise, but you will determine the outcome of this unpredictable technology.