The Internet: The Problem


Ruthanny Kroegenberg, Contributor

The internet. The place everyone interacts, and it serves as everyone’s primary source of information.  The internet is more inclusive than social media, and anything can be found there. With just a simple search, you may find websites with images related to whatever it is you’re looking for. This is a problem.

The “web,” as the internet is sometimes referred to, serves to make everything easily accessible and portable everywhere. An important issue can be readily researched with a click of a button, rather than spending hours upon hours in the library. Additional benefits of the internet may include increased entertainment, social networking, online banking and the ability to donate. However, this access to information has glaring problems. For example, recent reports and studies indicate children are learning about sex education through explicit websites online, according to The New York Times. This might be the result of parents not having the “talk” with their kids, which causes them to look at pornography online out of curiosity. This is unhealthy, and is far too accessible for children, to learn about sex education.  

The internet’s fundamental flaw—”that it is addictive”—is well known. But, did you realize that your online security and privacy are insufficient? It is said by the Pew Research Center that it is difficult to live a normal life without being watched at all times. Everything you look for online, including your location and personal information, is being carefully watched. Users don’t feel safe when using the internet, according to a new online study of 2,310 Americans conducted by data privacy agent Incogni. 90% of respondents admitted to having previously been the victim of spam emails, robocalls, scam efforts, and even personal data breaches. 

The internet is an important source of information for today’s society. Although it provides us with more resources and opportunities, it also creates significant issues that could have a negative impact on future generations. In President Biden’s state on the union address, he claimed the U.S. government needs to step up its ability to protect us online. We will see what if any changes come.