Brandon Bille, Reporter

“House” is a medical drama series created by David Shore. This series aired for eight seasons from November 16, 2004, until May 21, 2012. The main character of the series, Gregory House, is a hot-headed doctor that is a world renowned diagnostician. House solves the most bizarre cases in the strangest ways, only adding to his ego with each correct diagnosis. Each episode of the series follows a pattern, beginning with a person falling ill. This person suffers with anything from babbling like a baby, to bleeding from every known orifice. Then, he or she is rushed to the fictitious Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. The unique symptom that each person experiences intrigues Doctor House, causing him to take on the case. After numerous and inconclusive tests, with four minutes left until the end of the episode, a word, phrase, or action a person does, makes House realize what is wrong with his patient and cures them.

Don’t get me wrong, the series is not just a simple recipe. Each episode includes its fair share of humor. Doctor House has it in his mind that everyone lies and that people are complete morons. When on clinic duty, House does not stop insulting every person in the hospital. House has an interesting relationship with his coworkers. His alleged best friend hates him, but he still feels that House could use a friend. His entourage of doctors that work under him, follow his every word and do not argue with him, unless they feel he is wrong (when in fact most of the time he is not). And finally, House and his boss have a relationship in which he loves her, and she despises him. The entire series, seasons one to eight, are all available on Netflix. I highly recommend the series if you want to see a hot-headed Doctor make fun of everyone he comes in contact with, while saving people from the world’s rarest forms of illnesses!  Enjoy!