Women’s Fall Fashion


Carmelina Flores, Reporter

Now that fashion week is over, we know what to wear this fall and winter. However, we see many returning trends. You know what to wear this fall, because you don’t have to over think what you wear.

Knitwear is a timeless design that designers like Céline and Marc Jacobs used in their collections. Chunky knitwear is among the coziest things on the planet and being able to pull off looking comfortable and fashionable is respectable.

Long robe coats are something everybody needs to pick up. Being Petite makes me hesitant to do so with this trend, but it seems to be very much worth taking the risk with designers like Miu Miu designing some. Your knees will be warm and you won’t regret looking the most stylish of all your friends.

Other than that, stick to what you know and love all things fall. We’re talking Flannels, cashmere scarves, and any other article of clothing that epitomizes fall in your eyes.

All these looks can be picked up at a good price from stores like Asos, Zara, J.Crew, and H&M. Personally, I try to stay away from shopping at Forever 21, because I just don’t think the quality is worth much. In addition, you and your friend often buy the same article(s) accidentally.