Holiday Season Clothing for Men

Maxim Ibadov, Reporter

As the holiday season approaches, everybody gets excited not only about the break, but also about all of the nice holiday clothing. In fact, clothing is a very prominent and exciting part of this season, which some people actually nickname as the “deer sweater” season. The holiday season is actually the only season when both men and women can wear something that is equally comfortable, cozy and actually stylish and fashionable.

Speaking of deer sweaters, they have actually became the object of traditional mocking for their rather funny appearance. Thinking about those sweaters just makes me think about that hideous thing that Colin Firth was wearing in the Bridget Jones Diary. However, the time of ugly Christmas sweaters is over. For the past couple of years various brands decided to destroy that stereotype of ugly sweaters, and to be honest, they succeeded, because I personally bought two of those during black Friday ( by the way, if you didn’t go gift-shopping during cyber weekend – you made a big mistakes since now the prices are going to skyrocket).

Stores like Joe Fresh, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters created an impressive variety of holiday sweaters that will go with every style and match everybody. Combined with light colored velveteen pants from Joe Fresh or khaki pants from American Eagle, Ugg’s or BearPaw men boots will give any guy the high-class image of a person who is ready to celebrate the holidays.

Another part that many people enjoy about holidays are accessories like scarfs, hats, and gloves that keep you warm. Such accessories allow the wearer to feel comfy and add a certain holiday chic, or rather class, to your image. H&M, despite their questionable clothing line, provides a very nice collection of winter accessories, that do not look cheap or outdated. Many people enjoy wearing scarfs and hats, because they can add certain accents that will give your outfit an exciting holiday cheer.

The holiday season provides a huge variety of holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, and New Year. Let this mood if celebration encourage you to explore the variety in your clothing! There is an opinion that men should not wear bright clothing, but this holiday season don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles. Who knows, maybe you will find your new you in terms of clothing and rock that look next year. Remember, the way you meet the New Year is the way you are going to spend it.