Midsummer / Jersey A Hit!


Kimberly Nazario , Reporter

If you haven’t heard, FDR recently showed the fall play production of Midsummer/Jersey, and it was a success! Despite there being some technical difficulties throughout several shows, such as microphones being broken or even announcements for YABC in the middle of a show, audiences raved about it.

The story of the play was focused on a small pack of Jersey kids, two of which, Mia and Lyle, were so crazily in love that they insisted on getting married. Because of certain technicalities, they planned on fleeing the country and going all the way to Canada to get married. However, due to Mia’s best friend, Helene, being in love with Mia’s ex-boyfriend, Denis, complications to that plan formed. Helene tried to win Denis’s heart by showing him Mia didn’t love him anymore. Magical beings interfered and knocked everything out of balance! Robin, the mischievous fairy assistant of the fairy King, Oberon, accidentally places a love spell on Lyle rather than Denis, allowing him to fall in love with Helene. Helene is put in an awkward situation that tears her friendship with Mia apart. Meanwhile, in the fairy world, King Oberon makes his assistant put a love spell on his wife, Titania, in order for her to fall in love with an “ass” due to the fact that she refused to buy him a Mustang for his birthday. It is all resolved after much violence, with every spell being lifted at the end and every Jersey kid to be wedded on the same day as the governor and his wife, and Oberon gets his Mustang. Audiences report leaving the show with no idea what had actually went on, despite finding it funny. However, this was the whole point of the play! Audiences were meant to be extremely confused about the whole story, as it is focused on Shakespeare’s Midsummernight’s Dream.

The FDR Theatre Guild is now producing a new play, the spring musical, titled The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The musical focuses on a handful of spellers and their crazy adventures, while trying to win the spelling bee. Many characters have quirky ways of spelling words and the audiences will be swept away by the show! If anyone is interested in joining the theatre family here at FDR, auditions are on December 8th and 9th at 4:30 in the Black Box theatre (room 159). Mr. Meyers and Ms. Reagan hope to see you guys there! Congratulations cougars, on a job well done!