Men’s Fashion

Maxim, Reporter

My fellow gentlemen! Although the weather may sometimes say the opposite, the spring of 2015 has finally arrived!

When the weather gets warmer, many guys decide that it’s not that cold out and it’s time to wear shorts with t-shirts. That is not true. Not only that you guys actually freeze yourself, but you actually seem pretty foolish. It appears as if you and style don’t go in the same direction. Coco Chanel had once said that “the better the person is dressed, the more others want to undress him.” Not only it looks more aesthetically pleasing to be covered in nice clothing when it’s spring out, it also looks way classier, than cargo shorts with a jacket. So don’t rush for your summer clothing just because the temperature has gone over 45 degrees. Instead, try to stay both warm and stylish. Shorts can be easily substituted with rolled up pants or joggers, which can be bought at American Eagle. The most popular and probably the most stylish spring trend for the past couple of years has been the plaid shirt. You can wear it around your waist with joggers and a hoodie. The shade of the hoodie should be based on the color of the shirt: black and white, or others light colors, will go with a shirt of a lighter tone, but never the same color (matching is about combining colors, not blending them); and a classic red and black/blue plaid will go best with the black hoodie (hey seniors, you have just the right one). Alternatively, you can wear your plaid shirt under a warm bright colored vest (Joe Fresh and Uni Qlo). The best shoes for spring are Converse, Vans or if you are not a fan of sneakers- nice casual shoes. Don’t go with suede, because melting snow and salts will destroy the material. If you don’t want to look too casual, you can make your outfit look more refreshing with accessories such as beanie hats and fingerless gloves. American Apparel has a very good collection of both.

Another good thing about spring is that since the weather improves, it is a pleasure to go out and jog or bike.  (and yes, you are allowed to wear shorts for this). Before, all the major non-sport oriented brands only made jogging clothing for women. However, this has changed. Stores like Forever 21, Abercrombie, American Eagle and even Zara created men’s jogging clothing, that can vary from bright and sporty to dark and classy. Since jogging became a part of the social trend (finally a trend that is good), why not keep up and stay trendy with your jogging outfits too?

Look Good and Stay Warm, Summer is Coming 🙂