Men’s Fashion- Summer Is Here!

Maxim Ibadov, Reporter

As the countdown to summer has begun, “high schoolers” are impatiently anticipating the beginning of their temporary freedom. However, summer is not only associated with freedom, but summer clothing as well. It is finally the time to wear shorts, tank-tops and sandals, and as we all can see, all the boys have already pulled out their summer clothes to show how many muscles they have (or have not) gained over the course of the school year. Summer is also associated with bright colors, so ultimately, everybody wants to wear something fresh and noticeable. The best way to achieve that is to wear light khaki shorts with an uni-collored bright polo. Orange and light blue are the new black of the season (no TV show allusion intended), so those two colors would never betray you this year! Such polos can be bough in stores like UniQlo or Joe Fresh ( both have a huge variety of colors for very democratic prices). This look will give you a touch of class and style. The color of shorts can also be bright, however, if you do not know how to combine colors, do not risk it- otherwise you will look like a clown. Remember, matching is not about wearing the same color, but about combining colors that suit each other, so be brave, but careful! If it is chilly outside, or you just want to look presentable, you can tie a thin cardigan or a regular sweater around your neck. This would make you look like a golf-player from the Hamptons and add an elegant touch to your outfit. The best shoes to go with this look may be Toms, or Vans, or some nice closed beach slippers. All companies from H&M to Kenneth Cole make them, so it is not a problem finding such shoes. Moccasins are also a great choice! Converse may not be a good match for this look- their sporty appearance will create a dis-balance with the polo-shirt. Instead, you can wear any regular t-shirt or a tank-top with converse. The type of shorts do not matter. Overall, this outfit would create an impression of somebody who has an active life, and hopefully that is something everybody is aiming for this summer. For a more casual look, you can wear rolled up khaki pants or joggers with same beach shoes and the same polo, or a long sleeved shirt from Zara or American Apparel. Or, you can wear those shorts with the same polo, but with a nice bright blazer. They can be found in H&M, Express and Kenneth Cole. But more importantly, have fun this summer, especially with your outfits! Summer is a time for new beginnings! Try to wear different colors or try new things, and if they do not suit you, then you would know that you have at least tried! And that has never hurt anybody.