Adidas – Boost Technology


Alex Huang, Reporter

Nothing beats a stylish yet a comfortable shoe in the fashion world. In the modern world, sneaker brands enjoy introducing the latest innovations and advancements in the footwear industry. Many people love following trends and purchasing fashionable footwear in order to complement his or her outfit. As time progress, new brands are formed and competition is increasing for the best sneakers. Notable brands such as Nike and Adidas are rapidly developing since they are always attempting to release whatever would satisfy the consumers. Adidas has been testing new technology back and forth to find an ideal one that would help its brand grow and the answer was boost technology.


Boost is one of the newest cushioning tech that Adidas incorporated into its footwear since 2013. Before boost technology was introduced to the world, Adidas was known for its iconic silhouettes such as the Stan Smith, Superstar, and Gazelle which are still worn by many today. The technology made its debut in 2013 when it was first seen in the Energy Boost model, although it wasn’t a prominent silhouette; the brand had promised that Boost was a revolutionary cushioning tech that would alter many perspectives on footwear. There were many sneaker fanatics who wished to experience the comfort and see if Adidas kept its promise to the consumers. The brand did not disappoint as there were numerous positive reviews and the popularity of Adidas has significantly increased since then.

How boost technology was developed:

Boost technology was initially incorporated into running shoes to provide the best comfort to runners. Those who have put on a pair of boost shoes are blown away and would like to know how the tech was designed. Boost is comprised of from countless formulated foam pellets known as energy capsules. However, Adidas needed the assistance of the world’s largest chemical producer, BASF. To give a little insight on the midsole of the shoe, solid granular material known as TPU was shattered and reshaped into miniature energy capsules which helped create a unique styrofoam-esque midsole.


If you walk in the streets of large cities, there is no doubt you would find an ample amount of people wearing a pair of Adidas boost shoes. Not many people expected Boost to be what it is today because it started off in a couple of running models such as the Energy Boost, Pure Boost, and Ultra Boost. Revolutionizing the industry is what Adidas is known for, the ability to innovate a new technology and lead the sneaker world is incredible. For example, the Ultra Boost was originally utilized by performers and athletes; however, this model has been coveted and admired by many average consumers. Adidas recognized the love certain silhouettes have been receiving, so the brand decided to construct more colorways and expand production numbers. The select prominent shoe models that have been used for fashion are the Ultra Boost, NMD, Yeezy Boost, and Pure Boost.


The initial launch of boost technology wasn’t the only factor that contributed to the rise of Adidas. Ever since Adidas has been tweaking and implementing boost into different shoes, numerous celebrities and designers are intrigued by what Adidas is doing with its brand. Celebrities like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams joined forces with the brand to release a special collection for each respective celebrity. Kanye West is probably the most influential person in his partnership with Adidas since an adequate amount of people wishes to follow West’s footsteps in what he wears and creates. The Yeezy Boost sneaker was developed by Kanye West with the guidance of Adidas, the sneaker is highly sought-after and limited which makes it one of the most expensive sneaker in the world. This indicates that the presence of famous individuals benefit not only the brand but also sneaker enthusiasts.