2017 In A Nutshell

2017 In A Nutshell

Melanie Justiniano , Reporter

2017 was an eventful year! We started off the year with Trump’s controversial inauguration. Trump claimed his inauguration was the largest one ever. Opening himself up to instant attacks regarding  the amount of people that actually showed up. As if that was actually relevant. The President did many controversial things, such as trying to create travel bans or transgender bans. At least his idealistic tax plan was created, even though Democrats don’t like that either. Trump also fired lots of people including, the FBI Director, and US Attorney, just to name a few. Of course the investigation into Russian involvement in the election continues to be the biggest story of the year. That one is not going away in 2018!

2017 also included many terrorist attacks around the world and in America too. Just recently we had a terrorist attack in Manhattan, as well as a terrorist shooting. FDR even had its fair share of bomb threats. Luckily, they were only threats.

Natural disasters like hurricanes in the Caribbean, Florida, and Texas devastated those regions. In addition, wild fires still proceed to destroy California. All of these places are still suffering, despite them being in their state of devastation for a long period of time. Although the President has faced criticism for his response to them, everyday people inspired Americans to help all the places in need. They created charities and have done everything they can to provide supplies and assistance to the needy. In Texas, a state program has been developed to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, with repairs to their homes. Various states including Florida, were impacted by flooding after the occurrence of Hurricane Irma.

The shootings in Las Vegas, Texas, and even here in Manhattan, continue to show that we need better gun laws across the nation.  In fact, many states are starting to approve permit less gun carry, which does anything but prevent shootings.

Various protests occurred in 2017, including the Women’s March, and protests against police brutality. The protest/ march in Charlottesville that turned deadly is also another example. It showed that the nation is still filled with racial hate, and that people are really divided over the direction this country should be going. Statues of Confederate leaders being removed are only the spark of serious discord in America over the issue of race.

However, voicing your opinion isn’t always bad, and after all it’s a “free country.” Many victims of sexual harassment spoke out against their predators, empowering other victims to come forward. Actresses spoke against Harvey Weinstein, speaking about the sexual harassment they faced. Later, women started speaking up against senators, and candidates, including Ray Moore in Alabama. Men also came out with claims against actor Kevin Spacey. Victims inspired many, and put an emphasis on “its never too late.”

Although a lot of bad things occurred in 2017, perhaps 2018 will be a better year, if you’re optimistic! 2017 goes to show that things need to start changing, perhaps they will in 2018.