Glory Days or Weary Days?


Shirli Beker, Reporter

Little Mix, a girl band, was the first ever group to win the X Factor UK back in 2011. It is now 2018, and Little Mix just experienced their peak in popularity around the world. Awards, shows, sold out tours and… a documentary?

The documentary begins with Little Mix’s latest hit, Power. The video was what I call a weak representation of Little Mix voices. Have they got better live acts, where they don’t fight for their breath and don’t sound like they haven’t slept in years? Of course! Why choose the one where they could hardly breath? Yes, this song vocally is hard to sing and hit every note perfectly, but as someone who has seen enough Little Mix’s live performances, I don’t understand the producers decision of this live act. Besides, not everyone who watches the documentary is a Little Mix fan who is aware of their abilities. Sum it up? Bad start to a good band.

The documentary goes on and is split into pretty much four parts, where every girl shares her experience and have the other three girls describe her. Jade, 1 out of the 4 members, claims that the band, “reached the peak,” and that, “now we have to stay up there, so its pressuring.” Is it their most successful era? Absolutely! Regarding awards and worldwide recognition, this is the most Little Mix has ever got. Their album Glory Days was a huge success earning them their first ever Brit Award in 2017 for their first single, Shout Out To My Ex. The album itself also got to be number one in UK’s Albums Charts, was certified Triple Platinum in the UK, and was the number one girl band to sell more than 900,000 copies in the UK (passing both the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child).

The rest of the documentary continues on and shows us what its like to be in Little Mix. Everything through the girls’ eyes- their experiences, their struggles, and their laughter.

Is it their best era? Yes, in terms of popularity around the world. Best era music wise? No, but it is a debate that anyone can have when it comes to music. Whether they created music that sounds beautifully to your ears, or whether they created music that you just want to take a pillow and cover you ears, one thing is for sure- Little Mix has begun a new road in their career.