How To Become More Productive?


Shirin Khasanova, Contributor



Time management



Cut your to do list in half, that way mentally you will think you have less to do and will tend to finish the task.

Take more breaks. I know it sounds silly, because we tend to think that taking breaks is what distracts us from doing work. However, taking a break after doing something really productive makes you not only feel accomplished, but also want to do more. You can earn your relaxation time.

Stop multitasking! It is one thing that makes you stress out the most and people tend to forget that if you use your time wisely, you may not need to multitask in order to get your things done.

Use your morning to focus on yourself. We are well aware that many people don’t feel like waking up in the morning.

Finally, forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past. This way you can achieve new goals, by having a new motivation. It’s like starting a new page in life.

Tip from the author: 

Don’t get stressed out whenever you feel like you can’t do something you have to do. Instead think positively and look for another time, when you will be in the mood to do the task given. We’re all humans in the end, and we can’t work 24/7 like complete robots. Take a break if you need to, stay positive, and don’t stress out!