The Gigantic Universe of Warhammer 40k Xenos – Part 1


Evan Nguyen, Reporter

Now that we have mostly finished the overview of the humans, we can start discussing the aliens and Xenos. The background and overall universe is still the same which is deep, dark, and depressing. But, this time we get to see it from the alien’s perspective, instead of humans.

An Eldar

To understand the alien perspective, we have to go all the way back to the beginning of the universe after the Big Bang. When the universe was just starting out, the first life emerged. A species of toad men with immense psychic potential called the old ones were created. They became so advanced in their evolution that they eventually evolved so fast, and hard, that they ditched their fleshy bodies and became beings of pure psychic energy. These are, “The Precursors,” of all other life in the 40k universe. These old ones were the first, and one of the most powerful races. They seeded and created most (not all) life. They eventually came across the Eldar which were a race of elf people. They were also very psychically strong, but not as much as the Old Ones. These two lived in peace and harmony together and coexisted not really caring about each other.

Then this race called the Necrontyr showed themselves. The lived on a desolate irradiated world where life was pretty pitiful. They grew very bitter and started to hate all life including themselves. They asked the old ones for immortality to combat their short life spans and miserable lives. The old ones refused, and they tried to find other ways to bring this immortality to themselves. They came across things called the C’tan aka, “The Star Gods,” and they offered them a gift. They would give them immortality and would help kill off the old ones. However, this was a horrible trap as the Necrontyr were dragged into biotransferance chambers and changed into hulking soulless living metal monstrosities called the Necrons. Their souls ripped from their bodies, and eaten by the C’tan, with their newfound power waged war on the old ones

The old ones tried their best to stave off the onslaught, creating the Orks (we will get back on them in another publication), but it was not enough as the full 100% genocide of the old ones happened. No old one in the  universe was left. However, their victory was short lived, as they were being assaulted by Orks and Eldar. What did not help was the constant infighting amongst the C’tan. They realized that the war was lost for now, and they retreated underground in these huge tombs often called tomb worlds. However, the leader of the Necrons, The Silent King, launched a Coup against their C’tan masters- shattering them and imprisoning them, using them as weapons. Most stayed in those tomb worlds dormant ever since, waiting to reawaken and take back the galaxy for themselves, along with exterminating all other life.

This war was called, “The War in Heaven,” and the Eldar population was massively decreased. Fear and paranoia spread throughout the alive races (except Orks). This lead to all of these emotions going into the “realm of souls,” which eventually caused the first daemons to form and the warp to become very dangerous. The “Realm of Souls” now was officially dubbed, “The Warp.” However, the Eldar would get their population up again and become the dominant species by way of “Excessive Reproduction” (That will be important later on).

This is a Craftworld

Millions of years passed and the Eldar race fell form grace substantially. They kind of had a problem with sensory input. They have increased senses of feeling, smell, sight, and taste that all had to be satisfied by one means or another. When you become so advanced and comfortable, you satiate them through (in the beginning) [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and other depravity. Over several hundred years they became more and more depraved, with more and more needed to stimulate their own senses. However, some did not take to that and bailed on massive star ships called Craftworlds. However, the ones that stayed became more and more depraved, to an insane level. However, being how the warp works, all of that depravity was shot into the warp and the 4th chaos god Slannesh was born (Can’t show because of obvious reasons). Its birth ripped the souls out of all Eldar in range and killed untold TRILLIONS. The Eldar have been trying to claw their way back to greatness ever since. There is a catch. Craftworld or not, when an Eldar dies their soul does not pass to the warp naturally. Their souls go straight to Slannesh and devoured, unless they have a spirit stone in case of the Craftworld Eldar.

Ok that is all for now. Come back next time, when we discuss the Dark Eldar, Orks, And Tau.