The Future Of Electric Vehicles


Christopher Pawlus, Contributor

Ever since the famous Ford Model T was released, the vehicle industry has significantly changed from how cars look to their performance. As of the start 21st century, the electric car company Tesla has been gaining popularity for their electric car models. Their electric vehicles make a good example of how electric cars are built and manufactured. Electric vehicles have different components that allow them to drive. What makes an electric vehicle an electric vehicle is an electric motor, power inverter, charger, type of drivetrain, and most importantly batteries. 

The Future Of The Vehicle Industry

Since the birth of the car industry, vehicles are a major source of transportation for many people’s lives. The vehicle industry has changed over the past hundred years and many pros and cons have come along with it. Combustion vehicles and electric vehicles have different effects on the environment. Combustion vehicles, cars the require physical liquid or gas to fuel, are seen as the main type of vehicle that is used today. The pro to it is that it’s a reliable source of transportation, but the cons are being air, water, and noise pollutants, and slightly inefficient in mileage. These characteristics of combustion vehicles will lead to the innovation of better ways of vehicle transportation and development. Due to society and the conservation of the planet, combustion vehicles will not be manufactured as often in the future due to their exhaust emissions. Car manufactures will start to lean towards electric drivetrains and motors for vehicles to make a change.

The Change And Benefit Electric Vehicles Will Bring

Electric vehicles will be the future of our transportation, but there are still some cons that will halt their accessibility to everyone. We are still in the early era of technology for vehicles that can make transportation efficient day by day. Electric cars will make a beneficial change through vehicle exhaust emissions. This will make a huge impact on the planet as a whole. Electric cars will be able to decrease pollution, stay energy efficient, and they require lower maintenance than a traditional car. It is only a matter of time till electric vehicles will change the world.