CS GO PGL Major 2022


Every year, the top teams in Counter-Strike Global Offensive come together and compete in this top-tier competition for the Major Championship. The PGL Major Antwerp 2022 took place at Sportpaleis Antwerpen, in Belgium, from May 9th to May 22, and had a prize pool of $1 million USD.

The PGL Major Antwerp 2022, also known as PGL Major 2022, or Antwerp 2022, was the seventeenth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship. The Major of 2021 got canceled, due to the COVID pandemic, so all the CSGO players around the world were looking forward to the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Living up to expectations, the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 was exceptionally exciting, showing us the professional vision of the overall situation, reflexes, and aim.

During the group stage, G2 vs Na’ Vi, its impressiveness is no less than the finals. Both teams have their own luxury lineups, the G2 with NiKo, m0NESY, huNter-, JACKZ, Aleksib, and XTQZZZ (Coach). And the Na’ Vi, on the other hand, has S1mple (top 1), electroNic, Booombl4, Perfecto, B1t, and B1ad3 (Coach). The result of this group stage is Na’ Vi winning the game with a slight advantage of 19:17. Hope G2- better luck next year!

On Sunday, May 22, the game between FaZe Clan and Na’ Vi, completing in the championship finally started. Each team’s supporters hoped the team they support would win, and the players themselves were ready to fight for the highest title of CSGO. The game in the final, FaZe vs Na’ Vi was intense, with scores going from 6:0, to 9:2, to 11:5, to 12:10, 12:15, to 19:16 with FaZe winning map 1 (Inferno). Then map 2 (Nuke) FaZe vs Na’ Vi 3:1, 7:2, 10:3, 11:8, and 16:10 with FaZe winning again and taking the Championship trophy.

Watching the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 or any other future majors could be something people should try. Watching these majors not only is good entertainment, but also a good choice to learn from the professionals. It is an amazing experience watching live.