The IEM Rio Major 2022


Junqi Chen, Contributor

The IEM Rio Major 2022 is probably one of the most remarkable and mindblowing Majors in CS:GO history. As the saying goes, when there are fans who laugh, there will also be fans who cry.IEM Rio CS:GO Major venue looks empty despite being sold out. Where is the crowd? - Dot Esports

The IEM Rio Major 2022 was the 18th CS:GO Major Championship, it has a prize pool of 1.25 million and a live audience for all stages of the tournament: Challengers Stage, Legends Stages, and Champions Stage.

Most of the top teams in the world that fans expected to get a seat in the champion stage, were eliminated early in the tournament. For example, G2 (Ranked World Number 6) didn’t even make it into the tournament, Faze (the Antwerp 2022 Major champion) was eliminated in the Legend stage 0:3 losing all the maps, and Bad News Eagles (used to be World Number 35) getting 3:0 in Challenger Stage entering the Legend Stage, and MOUZ entering the Champions Stage for the first time.

The winner of this Rio 2022, Outsiders, definitely wasn’t expected. The Outsiders entered the tournament as somewhat of an underdog, setting up an unexpected final against Heroic, taking the first map Mirage 16-12, second map Overpass 16-5, beating Heroic 2-0, and winning that major trophy