Spring Fashion Has Sprung !

Spring Fashion Has Sprung !

Chae-ann Lawrence , Reporter

It’s almost spring and some spring collections were released. The Rihanna x Fenty collection included shoes that have satin bows, they also have a unique look.

The Bow Sneaker costs $160 on the puma website, and it also comes in the color olive green. (Pinterest)

These slides are nothing new to the Rihanna collection but they have the satin bow. These slides cost $90, although they are sold out on the Puma website. (Pinterest)


It’s important to note the color scheme for the season. According to Pantone, they have found 10 bright and vibrant colors that are for the spring season this year.

The colors were brought about by nature, as well as NY fashion week in which colors from fashion designers on the runway were used.

Source : (pantone.com)

This color scheme includes colors that represent the greenery in nature, neutrality, bold, and also blues for calm and a relaxed feel.