Windows 8

Michael Bitokhov, Staff Writer

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Windows 8 is the new operating system released October 26, 2012. Although, the new Metro interface may be confusing to some; I am here to tell you everything that can help you customize your new Windows 8 computer. First things first, disable Metro unless you’re using a touch screen computer (Metro is built with touch screen computers in mind, but not normal desktop computers and laptops). Metro is the first thing you see when you run your computer. Disabling it is as easy as installing a program. Go to your search engine and type in “Classic Shell.” The first link you find should be their website. Click “Download Now!” and install the program. This program gives you much more control over how your desktop looks. Now that we’ve gotten Metro out of the way; let’s add more customization to Win8. Download a program called “Rainmeter.” Rainmeter is a program that allows you to pimp out your desktop allowing you to place anything from a radio to calendars to Facebook straight onto your desktop!
Now, as much as I hate Metro, I can also agree that it has its moments in making complicated things user friendly. It allows you to register and login onto your computer with your Microsoft account in order to sync your files from computer to computer. Not only that, but they’ve changed task manager; once you open it, it would be clear that it is much more organized. My tip for it is to download apps! Not only could you download Netflix, The New York Times, and a Wikipedia app on it, you can also download Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox SmartGlass allows you to tie up all your devices into one! Your Windows smartphone, computer, and Xbox 360 will be synced allowing for clear communication between them. You could use your tablet as a second screen when you play on your Xbox 360 and you can use your phone to go on the internet on your Xbox 360 and upload your browsing session onto your tablet. My last tip is to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts. They will save a lot of time.
I would give the new Windows 8 operating system an 8/10. And I’m excited to continue using it. So far, it has been much more stable and there was a much faster start-up time. Remember, my friends, stay classy.