Take Me Out To The Ball Game!


Annie Areau, Reporter

The aroma of fresh peanuts and hot dogs has once again filled the air with the beginning of the 2016 baseball season. Our New York Mets and the Yankees are off to what some may call great, and others may call shaky starts. The Mets are starting off the season with the weight of the loss of the World Series on their shoulders. In March, the first month of the season, things weren’t looking good for the Mets with pitcher Matt Harvey suffering from a non-baseball medical issue. Harvey had the fans, as well as his teammates, worried.

“I’m so pumped,’’ catcher Travis d’Arnaud told The Post. “To know Matt is pitching Sunday means so much. He’s such a great person and such a great teammate and such a great friend. There are so many things that he is on and off the field. He means so much to this team.” The No. 1 starter was able to return to the team in late March in time to begin playing for the scheduled games in April. This brought much relief to fans and the team that cares so deeply for him.

The Mets started the spring season off with seven wins, seventeen losses, and five ties in March. In the current month of April they have four wins and five losses. The team has made it clear that the loss of the world series and the losses during the season will not discourage them.

“Yeah. We’re young but we all pitched in the World Series,” said Steven Matz, one of the starting pitchers of the Mets. “That’s the ultimate. We can all get better, we are all working on it, but we aren’t proving ourselves anymore. We’re ready now.” A strong season is highly expected from the Mets this season with their strong rotation and will to win.

The Yankees have started of strong in the season with eleven wins, fifteen losses, and two ties in Spring March ball. In April they have managed five wins and five losses with two of their passed scheduled games being postponed. They’ve gone back into their routine and it seems a past player is missing it.

“It’s something I’ve missed for a long time that I want back. Those Yankee pinstripes run deep. Once you’re a part of it and you don’t have it, you miss it. I’m one of those lucky guys that gets an opportunity to come back and try to prove myself again,” said Nick Swisher, the former starting right fielder of the Yankees. Swisher was released from the Atlanta Braves and signed a minor league contract with the Yankees.

Much to the surprise of Yankee fans and New Yorkers that know anything about Baseball, some old players are having trouble getting back into routine. No one thought they would need to worry about Alex Rodriguez. With a 3-for-22 start and striking out eight times, A-Rod seems to be off his game. “I think it’s really early to judge,” said Joe Girardi, the manager of the Yankees. “Seven games; when things happen in the middle of the season, it’s not such a red flag, but when it starts early on, people are going to ask. And if you’re older, they’re going to ask even more. And if you’re young, they’re going to ask.”

Fans don’t need to get worried because of his shaky start, much like Mets fans don’t have to worry about the early losses. Both New York teams are in it to win it in this exciting 2016  MLB season.