FDR Flag Football


Sean Markisic, Reporter

The Flag Football team has performed well over the past couple of years, making strong pushes in the playoffs. They kicked off league play with a 19-14 win over Lafayette. However, with their best player being a senior, the team has to look to newer players to carry the load. With some tough competition coming their way this season, it won’t be easy, but they are determined to pull off a great season with Coaches Galante and Rienzie guiding the way.

Q&A with Coach Rienzie:

Q: Of the coaching strategies you use, which do you feel works best for the team?

A: All of the coaching strategies we use benefit the team, and we constantly adjust our strategies based on the team’s needs at the moment.

Q: Do you feel you can rely on any player to take over the game when the team is struggling?

A: Our most experienced player is a four-year returning starter, Anastasia Belgrave. However, we don’t rely on only one player. We have a bunch of players who can make plays. If a defense is designed to take away one player (or one type of play), we will adjust giving different players the opportunity to take over.

Q: Which schools do you feel give the team the most competition?

A: In our division, Midwood and Fort Hamilton are expected to be the toughest this year.

Q: Which of the new players do you think will lead the team in the next 2-3 years?

A: We had a very talented freshman class enter last year, including Jayda Frett, Jade Grandy, Jinette Sanchez, Ruth Charles-Pedro and a few more which we have high expectations for. If all goes as expected, they will deliver a championship to FDR.

Q: What expectations do you have for the team this upcoming season?

A: The sky is the limit for this year’s team, which is very high on talent, but lacking experience. There is a definite sense of excitement among the girls and our staff.

We look forward to great year from our Lady Cougars! Go make us proud!