Understanding Cricket!


Shehryar Tariq, Contributor

What I am going to talk about might be unfamiliar to you, because you were born in America. Cricket is an amazing sport, and after reading this article, you will not be unfamiliar with cricket anymore! Cricket is a huge sport in Asia, particularly in Pakistan and India, but it originates back in the all mighty England. 

What I find fascinating about cricket is that it puts a big smile on people’s faces and brings people together. Once you understand the concept, you are ready to play:

  • Cricket is a sport with two teams of eleven players each. You need a cricket bat, ball, and stumps to play. Each team takes turns batting and playing the field. The batter is a batsman, and the pitcher is a bowler. The bowler tries to knock down the bail of the wicket. A batsman tries to prevent the bowler from hitting the wicket by hitting the ball. Two batsmen are on the pitch at the same time. The batters can run after the ball is hit. A run is scored each time they change places on the pitch. The team with the highest number of runs wins the match.

America hasn’t been able to grasp the simplest roots of cricket or the impact of the sport. The reason behind this is not having a stable infrastructure that could find talented kids and nurture their talent. Second, cricket gets treated as a secondary sport to baseball, despite the fact that the two barely have any similarities. Additionally, it does not get talked about too much or advertised here in America, hence unfamiliarity to this sport continues. 

If cricket gets the right media attention, and a proper infrastructure gets put in place, then America’s cricket teams would be thriving in no time. American cricket would be a force to reckon with. The neighborhoods where there’s a majority of South Asians are already seeing cricket developing.  As a result, those kids have taken the initiative to open cricket clubs in their schools and make a proper team. FDR High School is among  schools that have a cricket team! So what are you waiting for!

The season for cricket is just starting, so if you find cricket interesting. JOIN IT!!!!!!