Cougar’s Wrestling Reassembles And Readies!


Avery Ali, Contributor

My name is Avery Ali, and we’re joined by Coach Daiello of the previously 3x Undefeated City Champions, one of the only undefeated dynasties in the PSAL, as well as one of 2, in FDR HS’s Athletics History. FDR is home to many City Champions, and few multi-time City, or Mayor’s Cup champions. With a record last year of 9-1, being seeded the 5th best team in the city, winning 3rd in the Dual team match Championship bracket, and 2nd in the city in the individual City’s Championship, the Cougars are winners. Finally, to cap off the season, one of our 2 graduated captains, Aslanbek Sharipov brought home a city Championship of his own. The team has to live up to our legacy this year, with one of the largest rosters at FDR or the PSAL. The Wrestling team has roughly 50 active members, we come into the season with many unanswered questions for Coach Daiello and his program.

New Dealer: What is your philosophy as a coach?

Coach Daiello: I instill in all my athletes that if you work hard every day, you will improve. If you commit yourself and work hard, you can become great in any activity, not just wrestling.

New Dealer: What do you envision for the team this season?

Coach Daiello: I hope we will make the playoffs this season as a team. Individually, I hope to have at least two city champions, who will qualify for the state tournament. I am very confident with the turn out this year, being the largest in all years of me coaching. Alongside our returning leaders, who are guiding them, that we will have a great season.

New Dealer: Who are the team leaders and what do they embody for the team?

Coach Daiello: We have several returning team leaders. Tony Li is entering his fourth year with the team and has shown dedication and discipline to the sport of wrestling and his teammates all four years. In addition, Luka Zakaidze, Avery Ali, and Muhammad Davlatov are juniors, who put in many hours of mat time in the off-season and are emerging as positive mentors for our new wrestlers.

New Dealer: How does the team size up to this year’s Division?

Coach Daiello: FDR is arguably in the toughest division in NYC this year. Our team has been working hard in Gym D each day preparing to be our best and make a run in the play-offs this year.

We’d like to thank Coach Daiello for his time and the evaluation of his team. Our Cougars placed 5th at Murrow’s Tournament, pinning and winning, bringing home 2 Medalist: Avery Ali and Luka Zakaidze (as well as several top 5 placements). Being in the room myself every day, witnessing the large numbers in improvement, commitment, and talent on the mats, we will have great season ahead for our Cougars this year. The Cougars this past weekend hit the mats at the Seward Educational Campus’s tournament on 12/10. According to Coach Daiello, “We are young, dedicated, motivated, a diverse family, and proud cougars.”