Female Athlete Of The Month- Minhua Chen


Megi Hajderlli, Reporter

GO LADY COUGARS!!! Another new year, another great season for the Girls Tennis team. The girls are currently 2-1, but it’s only the beginning of the season. Coach Lyngo was very proud to choose this April’s Athlete of the Month, Minhua Chen. When I told Min that she was the Athlete of the Month, she was very happy to receive the honor for the second time. Min is currently a senior at FDR, and she has been on the team since her sophomore year. I was able to ask her some questions about her role on the team.
A: What are some techniques that you use in each game?
Q: The techniques that I would use are forearm, back hand, serve, and volley. In the game of tennis, you need to run a lot, so conditioning is key.
A: Since you have been on the Tennis team for 3 years, have you ever won a championship?
A: We won a championship during my sophomore year, and we were in the semifinals last year.
Q: Which games do you play more, signals or doubles?
A: I have played doubles games the past two years, and this year, with a new season, I am playing signals.
Min is not planning on playing tennis in college, but she hopes to win a championship this season. We wish you luck Lady Cougars with a new tennis season!