Female Athlete of the Month – Marjorie Luu


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor


Congratulations to Marjorie Luu for being this Month’s Female Athlete of the Month. Marjorie is a junior bowler on the Girls Bowling team. As an athlete, Marjorie thinks her greatest accomplishment was participating in the Borough Individuals. She made it to Fourth Place!  Her most memorable moment of this season was getting into the playoffs with her team. Marjorie joined the bowling team, because she always enjoyed playing Nintendo Wii bowling and used to bowl with her family during the weekends. Her favorite class at FDR High School is Computer Fundamentals, because Ms. Agard has taught her a lot about computers and formatting documents.  It is a skill she will use in life and her freshman year of college. Marjorie recommends that young bowlers should work on their focus and never let the other teams or players bring them down. She thinks she was this Month’s Female Athlete of the Month, because of her athletic performance and sportsmanship.  She is grateful to her Coach and teammates for all their support this season. Nice job!