Jasmin Vidal Ventura – Athlete of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Jasmin is the Female Athlete of the Month! Jasmin considers FDR as her second home. She enjoys being on the volleyball team. She feels she has learned a lot from her teammates. Besides volleyball, she also likes her classes. The teachers provide help when she needs it. Jasmin thinks FDR is a great school, and she always feels proud being a cougar.  Jasmin has also been a part of the Hispanic Club since her freshmen year. She joined it, because she is Peruvian. At the club she, and others, help students who are new to the country.

As an athlete, Jasmins thinks her strengths are: that she learns fast, will not to give up easily, is willing to teach her teammates, is dedicated to what she loves, and is very competitive. One of her weaknesses is that she plays unhappy at times on the court. She feels that as a player you need to have a good relationship with your teammates. Everything that happens between teammates, will be reflected on the court.  Not only has she been on the team since her sophomore year, she also plays for a volleyball club called “JCH” outside of the school.  Jasmin hopes to play in college.  This year Jasmin is joining the Table Tennis team, and she also plans to join the Handball Team.

Jasmin wants to tell the new students/ athletes at FDR that our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Jasmin think she was chosen to be the Female Athlete of the Month, because she worked really hard this season. She gave everything on the court! The fact that the FDR Volleyball Team ranked number 6 in the city, makes her very proud. She thinks she did a good job, as a captain, and a player. She wants to thank Mr.Hand for believing her. Mr.Hand is the best coach she has ever had, and she loves her teammates.  Congrats to Jasmin!