Sandra Poniatowski – Female Athlete of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Congratulations to Sandra for being nominated as the Female Athlete of the Month! As a student, Sandra feels comfortable with the friendly FDR staff and friends who are always by her side. Attending FDR is not just about learning materials, but also making friends and knowing new people. Sandra is a hard working athlete, who is also able to lead her team by example. However, for a person who desires to win, Sandra needs to be stronger when facing failures and keep her nerves under control.

Aside from being the Captain of the Girls Tennis Team, Sandra also joined the Basketball and the Track Teams. According to Sandra, being on multiple teams is a great way to make new friends and enjoy all the opportunities offered at FDR. Being a part of different groups makes her more experienced in social skills and integrated into the FDR family. A bit of advice Sandra would like to give new student-athletes is that it is important to learn to balance school work and sports. Always focus and discover more about yourself!

Sandra believes that she was chosen to be the Female Athlete of the Month, because she represent herself and school, all day, everyday.

Best wishes to the Girls Tennis Team and Sandra !