Karolina Veziryan: Female Athlete of the Month


Congratulations to Karolina Veziryan, FDR’s Female Athlete of the Month! Karolina plays 1st Doubles on FDR’s 8-2 Table Tennis team. The team had a great year thanks to Karolina’s dedication to the team. She really enjoys attending FDR, and she has made many close friends over the years. Karolina really appreciates that her teachers have taught her about the real world and have also allowed her to rant when needed.

Karolina’s greatest strength as an athlete is her ability to learn quickly. She also works well with groups, which made her a successful doubles player. She considers herself an encouraging person, as she always wants to see her team mates do their best. Her greatest weakness as an athlete is over coming strong opponents. She needs to work on over coming obstacles during a match. Not only is Karolina a Table Tennis star, she is a member of the Badminton team. She finds both sports really fun! She would advise young players to not over work themselves and remember it is just a game.

Karolina is grateful to Coach Stanco for selecting her. However, she feels all of the girls on the team are the Athletes of the Month. She would like to share this honor with the entire team, for giving their all, this season. Karolina is clearly a team first player and a great role model for younger players! Congrats Karolina!