Male Athlete of the Month: Kaseem Morrison


There are very few athletes at our high school that can achieve such greatness as Kaseem Morrison. Kaseem, a senior on the Varsity Football team, has shown his resilience with the team throughout the entire season. Initially, Kaseem decided to join the Roosevelt Football team because of his love for the sport. He has developed an aspirations to make it to the NFL. Kaseem has had his fair share of memorable moments, but according to him, his most memorable was his game winning touchdown to win the championship for his team. Going against old rivals, such as Grady High School, were some of the tough challenges Kaseem overcame with the team. Making it through these playoffs, and making everyone proud, have truly been Kaseem’s greatest accomplishment. At school, Kaseem enjoys to be around friends, and he finds his classes intriguing. Kaseem recommends that younger athletes should strive for greatness and to never leave the weight room. Kaseem believes that these younger athletes must reach for the toughest goals and one day, these goals will be reached. Kaseem believes that he deserves athlete of the month because of his skill and elite abilities on the field.  In addition, he has astounding character. Kaseem Morrison, #8, QB for the Championship Cougar Football team, will be an unforgettable member of Franklin D. Roosevelt High School family!