Nadir Hassan – Male Athlete of the Month


Nadir Hassan is the Male Athlete of the Month! Nadir likes attending FDR a lot. Its diversity allows people to learn a lot from each other. Nadir believes his strength as an athlete is having a winning mind set. Nadir joined the Football Team and the Track Team. He joined the Football Team in his freshmen year, and he has loved it ever since. He joined the Track Team to improve his speed for football. Nadir would tell the new students at FDR to join a club, or a team, because high school goes by too fast. He would tell a new athlete to listen to your coaches and train hard. Nadir think he was chosen to be the Male Athlete of the Month, because he has been in the program for 4 years.  In addition, he helped lead FDR to the school’s first Championship last year, and he took them back to the big game this year. Congrats  Nadir!  Thanks for all you have done for FDR Football and Cougar Nation!