Serena Williams In A Man’s World


Emroyana Caesar, reporter

Serena Jameka Williams, born on September 26, 1981, ans she discovered her love for tennis in Los Angeles during her youth. Serena and her sister were taught by their father how to play tennis, and from there on it was history. Serena has won a total of 23 Grand Slams. Some would say she is the best female tennis player ever. In one of her most recent matches, she lost against Naomi Osaka. The referee removed a point from Serena, because she yelled at him. This led her to be upset, but throughout the game she played her best.

When the game ended Serena showed great sportsmanship and hugged Ms.Osaka. However, the media ate her alive, many calling her a child because of throwing a tantrum. For example, cartoonist, Mark Knight, depicted Serena like a big baby- a pacifier, a broken racket, and what was supposed to be Serena were depicted in the image. The cartoon’s caption included Ms. Osaka saying, “can you just let her win.” The cartoon was simply propaganda to make Serena look like a spoiled brat. Serena Williams acted in a manner anyone, cheated of a point, would. Even after defeat she was still gracious to her opponent.

It takes someone of great magnanimity to put aside their feelings and congratulate their opponent during a loss. The real controversy of the whole situation is that male tennis players have been known for throwing tantrums, walking off the court during the game, hurling insults and such, for years. John McEnroe, Andy Roddick, and Jeff Tarango were never blasted by the media for their reaction to the referees unfairness. They were just behaving like competitive boys. Serena is in a man’s world obviously.