Roosevelt Ettienne, Reporter

For the first time in three years, the Cougars finally made the PSAL playoffs last year. This was a major step for the FDR football organization. Behind Senior QB/CB Isaiah Covington and Senior RB/LB Ivan Nunez, there was no discussion about what the Cougars could achieve. Miserably, the Cougars lost in the first round to William E. Grady High School. This was such a disappointment for the Cougars.  However, the past is the past, and they are looking to regroup and construct another road to the PSAL championship.IMG_2099 (800x533)IMG_2049 (800x533) (2)

This was to be no walk in the park for the Cougars. First they had to go through hell week. For those who don’t know what I mean by hell week, this is a week where the Cougars practice between 8-9 hours a day. Hell week was the first step in getting the Cougars minds and bodies ready for the season. Can you imagine running and working out for 8 hours a day, for one whole week in the blazing sun? The fact that everyone showed up to practice everyday and gave it 100% showed how serious this season is to them. After conquering hell week, the boys had to go to camp at Camp Pontiac in Copake, New York. This is where for 6 days the Cougars eat, sleep, and breathe football. As a member of the football team, I can vouch for the team that camp is the hardest week of any football player’s life. Camp consisted of 4-2 hour practices a day. By the second day, everybody was tired of one another. The yelling, fighting, hard hits, and the lack of sleep had every one ready to fight or go home, but the Cougars didn’t quit. They got better and stronger each and every day. “We became a family at camp,” said by Junior RB Tristin Thomas. Everyone had each others back on and off the field.  Among all the bumps and bruises, nobody left camp seriously injured. The season was right around the corner and everyone was worn out, but the Cougars had a lot to work left if they wanted to have a successful week one against Lafayette High School. The determination of the team drove them to get right back to practice and prepare for week one. As a result of the hard work, the Cougars defeated Lafayette 48-22.

The new and regenerated Cougars started the 2013-2014 seasons with a record of 4-1. The Cougars suffered a critical 22-0 lose to South Shore High School. Fumbles really killed the team- has each turnover made the game more difficult to win. However, in week 3 the Cougars bounced back with a 28-6 win against August Martin High School where turnovers weren’t a problem. On the offensive side, Junior RB Monrico Cummings ran for 65 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, Junior RB Tristin Thomas ran for 91 rushing yards and 1 touchdown , Junior QB  Kaseem Morrison ran for 42 rushing yards and 1 touchdown, and Senior RB Matthew Newman ran for 53 rushing yards. On the defensive side, Senior LB Roosevelt Ettienne had 12 tackles and Junior LB Ishmail Muhammad had 10 tackles to lead the Cougars to victory. This was a successful beginning to the season and hopefully the Cougars get the job done!  Since the “bounce back” game the Cougars rolled over Franklin K. Lane 40-8 and stomped James Madison 36-8.   Good luck this year Cougars!

COU-WHAT? ……………………….. COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!