Coach P Takes Over Lady Cougars


Sabbir Ahmed, Reporter


There is absolutely nothing that the students of FDR take more pride in than school sports. Many students agree that the most exciting and popular sports at FDR is basketball. Sadly, not many students pay attention to the girl’s team, who are believed to be better than ever. Many were surprised and pleased to hear that Coach Patamarapipin would be taking over the Girls Basketball team.

Coach P. took on the team this September.  He interviewed for the position as soon as he heard it was available, and he was excited to hear that he received the head coaching position. He believes that he is well qualified to be the coach the team.  He has an outstanding knowledge of the Xs and Os, and he is experienced in playing the sport. However, he makes it clear that even with all of his experience, coaching a basketball team is no walk in a park.

There are many things on Coach P’s mind concerning the team. Coach Patamarapipin claims the team needs to find an effective method of working to their full potential. Coach P. clarifies that he hopes to see this by having more structured and precise practices. He added that he gives the girls freedom in games, by letting them choose their desired positions and strategies. As of now, the court becomes congested and unorganized, due to everyone chasing the ball at once. He plans to solve this by making the team work together. He hopes to build a sense of camaraderie, where everyone is able to work with each other. He expects to see many improvements in the team through building confidence, motivation, and a positive attitude.

It’s more than obvious that the new coach of the Lady Cougars has a lot on his plate.  However, he is doing all that he can to shape up his new team and make them work to their full ability. On behalf of the students of FDR, good luck Coach P. and good luck Lady Cougars!